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100% FRENCH linen with overloack on two sides 380g/m2 600mm wide 1000mm long
Our Couches helps you to maintain the shape of your Baguettes and Batons whilst proofing.
Using a cloth is (part of) the traditional French way, to produce that magic crispy bread!
When you break a REAL Baguette, you should hear it go CRACK!
Can also be made to any size- call or email us for a quote .

How to use
Dust the cloth with some flour (brown rice is best), rubbing it well in on the first occasion. Make 'gutters' by rucking the cloth up and place dough pieces, seam side up, in the gutters. If your cloth is on a tray without ends, you may need to put a block of wood or similar at each end to stop the dough pushing the gutter down at the unsupported side.
Make sure that the gutters are high enough – you don't want the dough rising up and touching its neighbour. When all the pieces are in position, push the gutters gently together. How much you do this will determine how thin or broad your loaf will be. The idea is that during proof the dough cannot go sideways because it is pushing against another similar piece, so it goes upwards (and to some extent longways, so don't start out with your dough stretched right to the edges).
When the dough has risen and is ready for the oven, pull one end of the cloth out so that you can flip the dough gently onto a thin floured board (stiff cardboard or thin plywood are good) to transfer it onto the baking tray, peel or pre-heated baking stone that you have prepared. You can 'slash' or mark the dough just before you slide it into its final baking place. Authentic blades for this purpose can be found here.

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