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Slicing Knife, 25cm Round Wavy Edge, Fibrox - Black

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This beautiful Swiss blade has been used by bakers all over the world for a long time to cut bread

Slicing Knife with Ultra-Sharp Wavy Edge

Key Features

  • Ideal for crusts and firm peel
  • Swiss made slicing knife with wavy edge
  • Rounded tip

Slicing smoothly through both crusty and soft meats is the sole mission of the Fibrox Slicing Knife with wavy edge. A professional blade designed for day-in-day-out use in both home and professional kitchens. With a strong, wavy-edged blade and a supremely comfortable ergonomic handle, perfect cuts are delivered every time.


Item number: 5.4233.25
Length of blade: 25 cm
Weight: 176 g
Height: 22 mm


Handle material:thermoplastic elastomers
Type of edge: Wavy Edge
Dishwasher safe: yes

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