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Birnbaum Plastic Proofing Baskets

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These proofing baskets are used by both Professional and Home Bakers to create stunning looking bread.

Please email us at for a special price on bigger volumes.

Made in Germany, these proofing baskets are also called Bannetons or Brotformen and are used by both Professional and Home Bakers to create stunning looking bread.

Many years of development have gone into the production of the Plastic Proofing baskets from Birnbaum.

Each basket has some 80+ "vents", which allows the dough skin to breath during proofing, for better crust appearance and development. This also aids in easily releasing the dough from the basket, prior to bakingThe basket coils provide a beautiful shape and décor for a traditional hearth loaf look and each rim has delicate grooves enabling flour to stay firmly in place, when flouring the baskets.

These plastic, food graded (HACCP) Proofing Baskets do not have to be lined or heavily floured, and require virtually No Maintenance! They work beautifully, every time. They hold the form of your dough until such time it is ready to be put into your oven!

Dishwasher safe, and can be used to (snap) freeze your dough in a shock freezer and the plastic baskets also stack extremely efficiently when stored. 

For home bakers - if baskets are only oil sprayed, ensure your dough is not too wet. Do Not Bake with dough still in your basket! 

Trade discounts for 12 or more of each baskets. Some times for larger numbers we might need to fly this baskets in from Germany which takes about 4-6 weeks to get to us especially if the number of baskets ordered is over 100 units each.

Birnbaum® plastic proofing baskets: easy and hygienic work. Use without cloths and chemical additives. The special construction and inner structure of the plastic brotforms effect that the dough does not stick to the basket and comes off without any problems.

In order to create tiny water pearls on the inner surface, spray the inside of a dry basket lightly and evenly with water.

Afterwards, dust basket with a 50/50 mixture of rye flour and potato starch. Repeat procedure after 5 minutes of application time again, to create a thin and even flour layer

After a short drying time, the plastic Brotform is again ready to use and you only have to dust it before each use like you are used to.

    Plastic Proofing Basket – LONG 500g

    Size: 230 x 140 mm 


    Plastic Proofing Basket – LONG 750g 

    Size: 260 x 140 mm


    Plastic Proofing Basket – LONG 750g

    Size: 290 x 130 mm 


    Plastic Proofing Basket – LONG 1000g 

    Size: 340 x 140 mm 



    Plastic Proofing Basket – OVAL 500g

    Size: 210 x 150 mm 


    Plastic Proofing Basket – OVAL 750g 

    Size: 250 x 150 mm 


    Plastic Proofing Basket – OVAL 1000g

    Size: 260 x 170 mm  



    Plastic Proofing Basket – ROUND 500g-750g 

    Size: 200mm


    Plastic Proofing Basket – ROUND 1000g 

    Size: 230mm 


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