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Brett Noy’s Wheat Sourdough Culture

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Brett Noy’s Multi Award Winning Sourdough Starter

Your starter is semi-dormant when you receive it. If you are not going to work with it
immediately, keep it in the fridge, not your freezer!

Instrutions will be provided.

This sourdough culture comes with award winning pedigree!

It is used in Brett’s multiple award winning bakery (Uncle Bob’s Bakery) on a daily basis.

It was used by Brett when competing in the Artesian Baking Cup held in 2007 in Melbourne. Needless to say Brett won first place and the cup!

In May 2008 the cup was won by Brad Clapham (Brett’s second in charge. Brett declined participation in 2009, being captain of the Australian Baking Team competing in international competitions. Now you can work with an award winning culture, right in your own kitchen! Comes with full A-Z instructions.

In March 2014 Brett came third in the world bakery masters.

Because Brett's recipe produces fairly wet dough, it is best to proof/bake this in a bread tin.

You can also proof the dough in a proofing basket and bake it on a tray or a baking stone.


    Bretts Noy’s 100% Sourdough Culture 


Brett Noy’s Wheat Sourdough Culture

Availability: In stock

Brett Noy’s Multi Award Winning Sourdough Starter

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