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Hot Cross Buns Kit

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Hot Cross Bun Kit 1                                              Hot Cross Bun Kit 2
Includes:                                                                Includes:

2kg Bun Mix                                                           2kg Bun Mix
50g Mixed Spice                                                    50g Mixed Spice
600g Fruit Mix                                                        600g Fruit Mix
200g Cross Mix                                                      200g Cross Mix
125g Yeast                                                             125g Yeast
1 x 8'' Square Cake Tin
2 x Disposable Piping Bags                                                                                  
1 x Pastry Brush
1 x Plastic Bowl Scraper
1 x Silicone Paper
Recipe to make delicious Hot Cross Buns

You get 48 Hot Cross Buns                                   You get 48 Hot Cross Buns

All this for $39.95 Valued at over $49.95           All this for $18.95 Valued at over $29.95


That's under $0.40/bun


Watch Video Recipe Here 

Hot Cross Buns Kit

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The Hot Cross Bun kit has everything you need to bake delicious buns this Easter.

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