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Home Baking


At Basic Ingredients, our flours are sourced from Australia's finest grain mills, and then blended to our own specifications.

You can choose from one of our Bread Premixes which contain most of the required ingredients to make beautiful home made bread. Or you may opt for our Bread Flours to start from scratch.

All of our products are batch tested to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. Each time a new batch is milled and blended, they are tested again, in the same bread machines you use at home. This guarantees you a perfect loaf every time.

Our Premium range of preservative-free, unbleached flour mixes offer a healthy choice to customers. And we're not content to rest on our laurels; new flour mixes are released regularly.

Our bread mixes are packaged from 1 kg sizes to bulk family packs and we sell everything you need to store the products correctly.

The Basic Ingredients team is constantly refining and developing recipes, while creating an expanding range of Add-Ins to ensure cooking remains a creative endeavour. Each recipe is tested in a variety of bread machines, with our printed recipes and flour packs providing precise instructions for different models.

As experts in the field of bread making, we are happy to advise home bakers on how to improve their breads. Even seasonal weather patterns can affect bread making - and we know all the secrets for success. We can, and do, regularly problem-solve for our customers, even to the extent of testing their bread machines.