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Dark Rye Bread & Roll Mix 1KG

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A traditional Northern European style Rye.

A dark Pumpernickel style loaf with heavy structure and a low rise. Great with tasty cheese (herring anyone?). A traditional Northern European style Rye. Rye and Rye Meal (gluten added) and wheat flour for volume.
For best results: bake in a tin in your oven.
If baked in a breadmaker - chances are that you'll end up with a 'scraggy' top. To avoid this, remove the dough after the final knead, ball it up and put back in the tin without the pedal.
Note: This is a HEAVY dough, so you'll need a good quality breadmaker, or some strong hands to knead the dough!

To bake 100% rye without added gluten check here.


350g Dark rye bread & roll mix
30ml water
1¼ teaspoons yeast
Flour to dust
450g baking tin

Manual Method:

1. Preheat oven to 210°C (410°F).
2. Place yeast, water and BI dark rye bread & roll mix into a mixer and mix on slow speed for 2-3mins
3. Increase to medium speed for about 8-10min or until *dough is fully developed. (If mixing by hand knead
until the dough ball comes together and the *dough should be fully developed)
4. Cover the bowl with cling wrap or a clean damp kitchen towel and leave dough to rest for about 15mins.
5. Divide it into preferred weight or mould them into desired shapes.
6. Place the dough into a tin, tray or Proofing basket for its final proof for about 45mins. Cover the tin with cling wrap or clean damp kitchen towel to prevent drying out.
7. Spray water on the surface of loaves or rolls and dust some flour just before they go into the oven.
8. Bake loaves/rolls for 25-30mins.

*To test if dough is developed it should be smooth and elastic and not tear easily when stretched

Bread Machine Method:

Visit and use Recipe 3 on the bread machine recipe guide.

Steam Tip: To create steam, have an (old) skillet or fry pan pre-heated in the oven. Once the dough is placed in the oven, pour 1/3 cup hot water on the hot skillet. Bake for 10 minutes in the steam. You may need to repeat this process of adding water to maintain the steam. Vent the oven by opening the door for 5 seconds to allow the steam to escape. Then reduce temperature to 200ºC and bake for a further 25-35 minutes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, rye flour (40%), malted barley flour, wheat gluten, salt, sugar, soya flour, vegetable oil (antioxidant 306, soy), emulsifiers (481, 472(e), 471), acid regulator (330), malted wheat flour, vitamin (thiamin).

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