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Brero White Bread Flour 1kg

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Brero White Flour is better suited for sourdoughs and long ferments.

It's a sad fact that most white bread making flours milled in Australia are milled to suit the "fast dough" process. You really can't blame Millers, since this is probably still over 98% of their market. It’s a shame however, for us sourdough bakers.

An initiative on our part is the introduction of "Brero" flour. Different white flours were routinely tested and evaluated before we decided to use it as "Brero" flour.

When producing true sourdoughs, the long fermentation cycle requires the white flour to have certain characteristics to suit this process. The ideal specs for a suitable flour requires parameters such as protein level, falling value, ash level, starch damage and enzymatic activity to fall in a fairly specific range to make it ideally suitable for sourdough baking.

Even flours that, on paper, appear to have (closer to) the desired specifications frequently have (wide) variations between batches.

American flours are routinely blended at the Mill with Diastatic Malt. This is not the case in Australia. Hence US sourced sourdough recipes/formulas may not work quite as well with Australian flours. Adding Diastatic Malt may fix some of these problems.


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Thiamine, Folic Acid.

Brero White Bread Flour 1kg
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Suited for Sourdoughs and long ferments.