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Imported French Flour T 45


Flour T45 Gruau Rouge 25kg - Grands Moulins de Paris

A T45 wheat flour made with strong wheat, for making viennoiserie products using traditional methods.

  • Very strong flour. Particularly well-suited for preparing recipes with lot of butter, eggs, and sugar. 
  • Allows a high hydration rate and extremely tolerant. 

Imported French Flour T45  Mid sttrength Gluten flour appropriate and recommended for use in all pastry recipes or applications. Croissants, puff pastry, brioches, pain au lait this flour has a higher gluten content (13% versus 8% for ordinary flour) resulting in higher and fluffier finished products. All of our flours are UNBLEACHED and UNBROMATED!

French classification for flour is based on the resulting amount of residue after processing 10 kg (22 lbs of flour) in a 900_C (1,650_F) oven. T45 or Type 45 is the lowest and whitest flour with only around 45 grams of mineral contents left after the burning process and no part of the bran (outer enveloping shell of the grain) remaining. T65 to T150 are considered whole flour classifications with a higher degree of mineral contents and more bran leftover (higher number means higher bran content). 

Please note that a T45 flour corresponds to a 00 (doppio zero) italian flour type, with T65 a 0 italian type.

Gluten (protein) content: ~ 14%
Mineral Content: ~ 0.45%


 Imported French T45 Bread Flour 1 kg


 Imported French T45 Bread Flour 5 kg


 Imported French T45 Bread Flour 10 kg




  Ingredients: Wheat flour, Wheat gluten



Quick Overview

French T 45 flour is ideal for making the following products: frozen viennoiseries, tin loaves (with a dense and soft crumb), croissants and chocolate croissant, brioches with high fat, sugar and egg content.


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Imported French Flour T 45

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