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Mockmill 200 PRO Flour Mill Australian Model

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Stone mill for grains, pulses and spices that is now affordable for your homes. FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED

Designed by Wolfgang Mock, the German-made Mockmill uses the latest corundum-ceramic grinding burrs to quickly transform whole grains into the freshest, most nutritious flour you've ever enjoyed!

Each mill from Wolfgang Mock is the result of 1000s of hours of thought, drafting, prototyping, trials, testing and retesting.

Two motor options are available. The Mockmill 100 has a powerful 360 watt (1/2 horsepower) motor, and the Mockmill 200 has a powerful 600 watt (3/4 horsepower) motor. Both provide fast milling—you get the flour you want quickly, and its freshness delivers full flavor and nutrition without the degradation that inevitably occurs to flour that sits around before use. Even with its power and speed, the Mockmill's small footprint takes up very little space in your kitchen.

Cooking and baking with fresh and regional ingredients is pure joy.
This also includes freshly milled grains.They contain all the valuable grain components.
Mill the grain yourself. Discover the variety, energy and flavor in freshly milled grains.


+ Grain mill type: Mockmill Professional 200
+ Power: 600 W
+ Protection class: 1
+ Voltage & Milling Speed:
230 V (50 Hz) Approx. 1 300 rpm;
110 V (60 Hz) Approx. 1 500 rpm
+ Dimensions: 380 x 242 x 208 mm; 15” x 9.5” x 8”
+ Grinding mechanism: Corundum ceramic grinding stones (Ø 90 mm; 3.5”)
+ Optimized milling surface for particularly fine flour
+ Milling grades: Variable from very fine to coarse
+ Grinding efficiency (wheat): Approx. 200 g / min; Approx. 7 oz / min
+ Casing: Wood, HI-MACS® Natural Acrylic Stone™
+ Hopper capacity (wheat): 1 300 g; 2.8 lbs
+ Weight: 9,4 kg; 20.7 lbs
+ Cable length: Approx. 150 cm; Approx. 6 ft

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