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Bread Knife, 21cm, Wavy Edge, Fibrox - Black

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This beautiful Swiss blade has been used by bakers all over the world for a long time to cut bread

Bread Knife with Wavy Edge

Key Features

  • Ideal to slice heavy crusts and a firm peel with ease
  • Swiss made bread knife
  • With an ultrasharp wavy edge and straight handle

How important is a good bread knife? Here's a better question: How many loaves of bread will you slice in your lifetime? Chances are, it's a pretty high number – so make each one count with the Bread Knife. Its wavy edge guarantees smooth operation and precision every time. And its strong blade holds its edge so you can slice on and on and on.


Item number: 5.2533.21
Length of blade: 21 cm
Weight: 130 g
Height: 16 mm
Collection: Fibrox


Handle material:thermoplastic elastomers
Type of edge: Wavy Edge
Dishwasher safe: yes

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