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Wholegrain Milling Organic Premium Bakers White Flour 1kg

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Organic Unbleached White Bakers Flour is a stone ground wheat flour which contains a fine bran. The grain passes through a stone mill and most of the bran is removed while the germ and endosperm are retained. The stone milling process gives a stronger flavour and retains more nutrients when compared with roller milled flours. Organic Unbleached White Bakers Flour is an ingredient that can be used in making bread, pizza bases, rolls and other baking recipes.

An ingredient used in cooking and baking. Must be cooked before consuming.

Recommended Storage
Store under refrigeration, in a clean area free from infestation and contamination

Genetic Modifications
This product is organic and does not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Contains Wheat.Packed and stored in a facility that also handles soy, seeds, grains, sesame, oats and other products that contain gluten.

Physical Specifications
Moisture 10.0 – 14.0%
Protein 12.0% minimum

Nutritional Information                                       Serving Size: 50g 

                                                                          Quantity per Serving      Quantity per 100g
Energy                                                               758Kj                             1516Kj
Protein                                                               6.25g                              12.5g
Fat - Total                                                          1.0g                                 2.0g
- Saturated0.                                                      1g                                   0.2g
- Total Carbohydrate                                          33.6g                              67.2g
- Sugars                                                             0.5g                                1.0g
Sodium                                                              1.0mg                              2.0mg
Cholesterol                                                        0mg                                 0mg
Dietary Fibre                                                      2.0g                                 4.0g

Wholegrain Milling Organic Premium Bakers White Flour 1kg
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This is 100% organically grown and milled white bread flour.