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Couche or Bakers Cloths 50 x 100cms

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A Couche or Bakers Cloth is a thick canvas that is used to retain the shape of proofing doughs.

We searched long and hard to find just the right kind of canvas, tried it and we were suitably impressed!

Our Couches helps you to maintain the shape of your Baguettes and Batons whilst proofing.

Using a cloth is (part of) the traditional French way, to produce that magic crispy bread!

When you break a REAL Baguette, you should hear it go CRACK! 

Can also be made to any size- call or email us for a quote   . 


Small Couche/ Bakers Cloth 50x100cm (3 Baguettes) 100% COTTON $29.95
Couche or Bakers Cloths 50 x 100cms
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Cloth used for traditional French breads.