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Diastatic Malt

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Diastatic Malt is used to help convert the starch found in flour to sugars that are useable by the yeast over an extended ferment. It is used by many Artisan Bakers in Europe, US, and Australia on a regular basis. Diastatic malt powder contains sugar breaking active enzymes (mainly amylase) whereas non-diastatic malt powder has no enzymes.

American Flours are routinely blended at the Mill with Diastatic Malt. This is not the case in Australia. Hence US sourced sourdough recipes//formulas may not work quite as good with Australian Flours. Adding Diastatic Malt can fix some of these problems.

Diastatic Malt is a completely natural product made from sprouted Barley or Wheat, dried and grinded. Normally Diastatic Malt is applied at 0.1% of flour weight. That is 1 gram/1kg flour!

A little tricky to use for the average Home Baker to apply. We therefor have a Malt Blend available called Diastatic Malt 10, which is 1 part Diastatic Malt and 9 parts Bread Flour. It is applied at 10g/1kg flour (approx 3 tsp; over-use it at your own peril, it's powerful stuff!)

Adding Diastatic Malt to your final dough can improve volume, flavour, colour, and texture. Until we find a Miller that is willing (and capable) of producing white flour, ideally suitable for Sourdough Baking, we recommend you use Diastatic Malt 10 as one of the ingredients in your white sourdoughs.

You do not need Diastatic Malt when predominantely using Wholemeal or Rye Flours.


    Diastatic Malt10 200g ( USAGE 10g/1kg flour)


   Diastatic Malt Pure 200g (USAGE 1g/1kg flour)


  Diastatic Malt Pure 5kg Bulk Buy



Ingredients: Malt flour derived from wheat.

Diastatic Malt

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Primarily used in sourdough baking, or when using pre ferments.

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